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When planning a wedding, the number of things that need to be thought about can become overwhelming. The planning and preparing that goes into a Wedding today can lead one into a state of madness. But, with this article, you will hopefully be able to save some of your sanity before you lose it all.

The Dress
To the bride, the wedding dress is probably one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Even though she wants everything to be perfect, more emphasis may be placed on whether the dress is perfect than other aspects of the wedding.

There are a lot of different styles out there, so look through magazines and get an idea of the style and color you like. Keep in mind that the more formal the wedding the more formal the dress. For a formal evening wedding, a floor-length dress would be appropriate whereas a semiformal wedding dress may be shorter. Be prepared to pay somewhere around $1000 for a designer dress. There are some dresses that run over $5000, so pick a budget before you start shopping. Remember, you only wear the dress one day, and if you get the dress that looks great for $1200 instead of the dress that looked amazing for $5000, in the end it won't matter. You should start shopping for your dress six to nine months ahead of time, but I think the earlier the better. Try a few different boutiques and try on some dresses. If you are lucky, you can find a dress that is discontinued and on sale for a great price. Once you find the dress you like, ask about alterations. Make sure that the alterations will be done by a professional and done in time. Make sure your dress is of quality. Look at the beads and make sure they are sewn on, not glued on. Test the thickness of the satin and make sure it isn't so thin it will rip. And, if you can, look for a dress with French lace which is the best.

There are a lot of photographers out there, and you may not always think this is one of the important parts, but it is. After the wedding, all you will have left are memories and pictures (if you forgo the videographer). You want your pictures to look as good as your memories, so get a good photographer. And you do get what you pay for, so don't skimp out. I would suggest going to bridal expos well in advance of the wedding, at least a year or more in advance. The really good photographers will book quickly, so if you want a good one, start early. If you want something other than the traditional wedding album, look for a coffee table wedding book. This is an amazing way to get your pictures in an album in a different way. Personally, I think a coffee table album is absolutely amazing. Do a search for 'coffee table wedding ablum' in your search engine. These may be more expensive than the standard wedding album, but if you want different, it is definitely worth the extra money. Once you find a few photographers, set up a meeting and talk about price and look at past pictures and albums. If you go the coffee table album route, look through their previous layouts and make sure you like the way they set up the book. Pick your photographer and sign a contract. The contract isn't just for your photographer, it is your you and your partners safety as well. There are many different styles of photography, so determine what style you like.

The Reception
The Reception is where you will spend the most of your money. Paying for your guests to eat is becomming more and more expensive as time goes on. Part of the reception includes your band, centerpeices for all the tables, and even the bar. But, we all want the most memorable reception, which can be hard if you are on a budget. Consider an out-door reception to save money on rentals. Just be sure to get a wedding tent to provide shade.

The band you go with can make or break the reception. If you have a band that simply doesn't work, its likely that nobody will dance. Give yourself a decent amount of time before the wedding as the good bands will probably book well in advance. Most wedding entertainers have nice web sites, like this Albany wedding singer. Ask around for suggestions when you are looking as somebody may have recently gone to a wedding and can offer some help. Check the reception hall to make sure that the room is big enough for the size band you want. Mention to the coordinator that you are thinking of a band and make sure there are no restrictions. Determine what type of music you want the band to play, as this will determine the mood of the entire reception. Look online for wedding bands in your area. Sometimes, the band will have a website which may not be listed. I would recommend doing a search for the bands in your favorite search engine. It is possible that the site that lists the bands don't offer a web address for each band. If you do find that the band has a site, look and see if they offer sample music on the site. Generally they will give you samples of their songs and if you find you like the type of music they play, call and ask for a promotional package. Listen to the cd they send you and if you like it, call them back and work out the deal. **Try to find a band that has played Weddings before as they will know what it is they are responsible for.

Check the internet for more information on the things you need. There are a lot of resources on the internet for wedding-related items. Good sites include: the knot and the wedding channel just to give you a head start. Remember to look through magazines to get ideas. Happy hunting.


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